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Choose as many as you need. You can add specific details in copy.

You cannot submit a job posting without EEO approval.

your name

your email

Client or N/A

If no website, ask about a Facebook page or account to which we can link (especially for Half Price Friday offers).

The name of the manager, owner, bartender etc...

e.g. when a restaurant has more than one location

Use Other if they have their own gift cards etc...

e.g. "$25 gets you $50 Value at Yokozuna Teriyaki"

Usually 100. If they are doing their certificates in increments (e.g. $50 gets them two $25 certs) that counts as 1 offer. So 100 of such offers would still be a quantity of 100. You need not include the "giveaways" here either.

The maximum quantity of offers a person should be able to purchase in a given day. This is not strict, e.g. they could create multiple logins from other devices which we cannot control.

e.g. $50.00

e.g. $25.00

e.g. If the Offer was a $50 Value is it One $50 Voucher or Two $25 vouchers...etc

Usually 10. This is regardless of the increment number as well. If the giveaway is 10 offers (of two $25 vouchers) then the number is still 10.

Use Ctrl key to select multiple restrictions. .Other restriction noted below

e.g. Only Available for Food Items, Only 1 Certificate per party; also certain locations...etc

Anything that will help people decide to purchase. Try to come up with 3-4 bullet points.

Really anything about the place that you could tell the client felt strongly about. "Our crab legs are the freshest" Also links to reviews, youtube video. Anything we can add in to dress up the offer.

Put the details here. Feel free to upload screen captures in the file upload section.

Please give your promotional event, contest, concert a succint title. e.g. "The Rolling Stones in Las Vegas November 6th at Allegiant Stadium" "Win Backstage Passes to The Rolling Stones in Las Vegas."

Note: "last" implies, last measured days. It takes a few days for verified results to get into the dashboard. e.g. If today is the 15th, the "Last 7 days" might be the 5th - 11th.

Usually 9:00 AM local time

We will try to accommodate. Try to schedule these for normal business hours for your time zone. Some items can be scheduled to appear and vanish. If the time of day isn't specified, it will start at 12:00 AM on this date (if at all possible).

Will default to 6 months from offer date unless otherwise specified.

We will try to accommodate. Try to schedule these for normal business hours for your time zone. Some items can be scheduled to appear and vanish.

Questions, concerns, comments? Put anything that doesn't fit elsewhere. Unless otherwise specified we will make any promotional links open in a new tab or window. Put all the relevant copy points here.

Banner Ads in Google Ad Manager require a link to the client's site which is being advertised.

We'll try to get it to you as soon as we can. Please allow 2 business days. If you need approval from a client build in a bit more time. Use your best judgement.

Display ads are 300 pixels x 250 pixels. .jpg, .gif, or .png. Video pre-roll is 15 or 30 seconds. mp4 Put specific instructions in the "Anything Else" field.

give the date, by default we will assume it is at 12:00 AM on this date unless specified otherwise.

give the date, by default we will assume it is at 12:00 AM on this date unless specified otherwise.

If you need the entries sent at different intervals or to another email address, or addresses put that information here.

Check all that apply. Feel free to elaborate or list all your form fields in the next section.

Put all the information regarding your online contest form, the fields or anything else we need to know, here.

The 'shot clock' on your promotion does not start until we have all of the elements.


For multiple sizes separate by commas. e.g. 728x90, 300x250, 320x50, 1080x1080 etc... Banners on our websites are: 300x250. Sliders for the Home Page are 600x800. Featured images for Posts work best at 640x360. If you are unsure, you may put "I don't know" in this field.

25 files and 50 Mb

Allowed file extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, psd, ai, tiff, eps, doc, docx, mov, mp4, mp3, wav, zip, txt, xls, xlsx, rtf, webp, webm, jfif, avif,... Job postings can either be added as a Word Doc or PDF. Alternatively you can post it by copying the job description and pasting it into one of the COPY fields. You may want to format as you'd like to see it (pdf, Word) and we will try to accommodate as best we can in this medium. PROMOTIONS: Any images you have that the client will want to see. Increasingly people rely on Instagram or have their sites coded in such a way that we cannot copy them. Most orders cannot be made without at least a logo. So add them here, please. Be sure to include everything needed. Please upload RULES in PDF format.

This is for authoring content on the websites.

First/Last name, Email Address

First/Last name, Email Address (works best with a Gmail account, but we are happy to try to set up on any email).